Also regarding magic anons; I only agree to magic anons if I ask for them. If you send me one without me asking it will be deleted.))

The name is Samus Aran. You may have heard of me or you may have not. That doesn't really matter. Now, do you have something important to tell me or are you just going to stand there?


((Hey! Sorry I haven’t been on in a long time! I’ve just been really busy with college stuff and yeah. I’m not really going to jump right back into this account and I really just want to try out a new character! I’ll make a separate post than this to advertise it. You can follow it if you want. I just wanted to make a quick post informing everyone!))

• // ( D R A B B L E S )

• Date : My character will take yours out on a date for breakfast/lunch/dinner, or vise versa. Specify.

• Sleep : My character needs to stay at your character's house for the night, or vise versa. Specify. ( you can add any other special things that could happen ! )

• Drink : My character will call, text, or show up at your character's house drunk. Specify which of the three.

• Save : My character will save yours in a crisis, or vise versa. Specify.

• Heal : My character will tend to your character's wounds, or be at their side when they're sick.

• Confess : My character will speak their true feelings about your character. ( or about a topic. You may choose. )

• Death : My character's reaction to your character dying.

• Time : My character is running late! They are supposed to meet your character at ___________ . ( Fill in the blank ) or vise versa. Specify.

• Protect : My character keeps yours safe from harm.

• Kiss : My character kisses yours. ( Be is accident or purpose. ) or vise versa. Specify.

• Lust : My character jumps on yours with sexual intentions. Or vise versa. Specify.

• Dream : My character wakes up in the middle of the night because of a dream with your character.

• Run! : My character is chasing your character( or vise versa) OR both characters are being chased by ___________. ( fill in the blank )

• Sky : Our characters are stargazing.

• Help : My character requests help from your character ( be something silly or serious, you may decide. )

• Gift : My character gives your character something special. Or vise versa. Specify.

littlecutieofthesea replied to your post: littlecutieofthesea replied to your post: …It…

Well, maybe you’ll get a big job soon!

I don’t see it happening anytime soon. They haven’t needed me in a long time.

littlecutieofthesea replied to your post: …It happened again. Dammit! I know apologizing…

Shhhh, Momma it’s okay! The universe needs your help, no matter how big or small the job may be!

No, Minette, it’s not okay. I barely even travel across the universe anymore. I just go to the same few planets over and over. The Galactic Federation hasn’t needed my help in a couple years and so I’m stuck with the smaller jobs. If I just had a huge mission I’d be set on money for a couple months.

roughopposer replied to your post: …It happened again. Dammit! I know apologizing…

It’s fine dear! Really, just do what you need. This is just a blog. You do work that everyone needs done.

It’s not fine when you’re ignoring all your loved ones and having no time for yourself. I, for some reason, cannot put my foot down and actually let myself have a few days off.

…It happened again. Dammit!

I know apologizing isn’t going to do a damn thing. Work keeps getting in the way. I keep telling myself to take time off but I never do.