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The name is Samus Aran. You may have heard of me or you may have not. That doesn't really matter. Now, do you have something important to tell me or are you just going to stand there?


Just another job. [2/2]

Samus slowly came to. It took her a while to register what she was seeing but she realized where she was. She was in a hospital. Someone must’ve found her in the rubble. There were tubes transferring liquid into her bloodstream and she had an oxygen mask over her mouth. She noticed that she had her own room instead of having to share one with a complete stranger. She enjoyed that. Not having to talk to anyone who wasn’t a doctor. That always made her feel the most comfortable not having to know what someone is dying from. She looked down and noticed her leg was in a cast. She swore at herself and heard the door start to open.

She looked over to see the doctor smiling at her. He seemed joyful about the fact that she was awake. He explained to her that she was in no danger of dying when they found her so that wasn’t bad. Apparently the local police were about to write it off as an accident when they barely noticed her through the rubble. She wasn’t stuck in there longer than half an hour and was quickly taken to the hospital where should could get oxygen. She was passed out for a few hours and they were about to check her for injuries in that time. Apparently she cracked a couple ribs and her leg was broken. Samus let out a sigh of relief when she was told that the leg wasn’t bad and she wouldn’t have to stay at the hospital any longer. She agreed that she would have to take a break from her job to let everything heal.

After another hour of nurses checking everything, she finally left the hospital with a transport to her ship. She left the planet ashamed for failing what she thought was just another job.